Modded Controllers Thread!

[size=20]Hello, if you interested in buying or seeing what a modded controller is and can do?

This is the right place to come.

Post a review or suggestion about a modded controller.


Modded Xbox 360 macro controller for XBox360, The Viking. |

Viking360 Review

Open Me

Xbox 360 Controller Mods : Game Mods : Custom Modded Controllers : Gaming Mods |

RapidModz Review

Open Me

ProModz Home

ProModz Review

Open Me

Evil Controllers - Modded Xbox 360 Controller

Evil Controllers Review

Open Me

Xbox 360 Controller Mods | Custom Modded Controllers | Rapid Fire Modded Controllers | Mail-In Mod Service | Custom Xbox 360 Modded Controllers

GamingModz Review

Open Me

Modded Xbox 360 Controllers - Rapid fire controller @ Lightning

Lightning Controllers Review

Open Me

Mod Xbox Controller, Xbox 360 Wireless Controller, Xbox 360 Controllers - Voodoo Controllers

Voodoo Controllers Review

Open Me

Modded Controller - Rapid Fire - Auto Burst - XBOX 360 & PS3 - Controller Chaos

Controller Chaos Review

Open Me

Modz Armory Custom Xbox 360 & PS3 Controllers

Modz-Armory Review

Open Me

Sweet Tommy Modz- Review

Open Me

All credit goes to the owners of the websites.

no b/s/t or advertising

Im not advertising lol Im helping the community if they are interested in modded controllers (:

looks like advertising to me ask duh mods

Alright whatever you say (:

its not really advertising, its not like he owns all of these sites(or does he O.o )

Exactly and no i don’t own any of these websites.

I see this as advertising, and kinda selling too.

if this is allowed you should make the pics clickable.

I don’t but we will have to see what the mods say.

He isn’t benefiting from this though.
Its a nice thread. I like gaming modz the most.

Updated with reviews now!

Nice job, I was looking for a modded controller myself.

I have a controller, and my friend has 2 controllers from GModz, we had an argument at the start, but they are very and have great support.

Nice , thanks for posting ,
too many to choose from

GamingModz is pretty legit.

Pretty nice, very useful if i wanted to Buy one, which i will do in a little while :smile:

Just a suggestion, you should put media tags around the reviews [video] [*/M] (Without *)

Thanks for the update on that. Really helped (: