Mods/cheats not working on DAI

I have Dragon Age Inquisition installed through the Origin/ EA app and when I open the game through the Wemod launcher it immediately closes down when it hits a loading screen when you first enter the game.

I can enter the game when I launch it regularly through it’s desktop app and it works fine but through Wemod it’s instant crash. what i don’t understand is if it’s an issue with the mods/cheats why did it let me play through the intro?? the issue only started after the intro and now whenever I open the game and click continue the moment it hits the loading screen it closes down.

Can anyone help with this I’m still sort of new to Wemod and never had this issue with any other game before so it’s all new to me

Hey and welcome!

Do you also have the same problem, when you first start the game and press play in WeMod from the running game?
If you have the same problem there you should try out this: I can’t Install WeMod / “There was a error installing the application”. It could be a problem of corupted game files or of your antivirus programm.