MONSTER HUNTER RISE Cheats and Trainer for Steam

Has it been updated? Cuz the app doesn’t warn me anymore?

For me also the edit crit chance, attack, defence not working .Other all mod working.

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The trainer is up to date.

For me everything works but only the attack, critical chance and defense isn’t working for some reason DDDD:

You need to open/close the menu after setting it for the value to update.

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sorry but what do you mean by menu do you mean wemod or the menu in the game?
and if you mean wemod you mean i well have to set up a value and closet wale the game is running and re lunch wemod?

The in-game menu.

yea the weapon stats dont work

Hallo könntet ihr bitte nen Max Attak Mod einfügen^^?

ich glaube es funktioniert immer noch nicht ?

happens to me too, each time after 2 quests of it activated. It takes longer if i only use one of the attack/defense/crit augmentation, otherwise it doesn’t crash with just the health regen, stam, sharpness and the wirebugs

all the cheats do work but you have to do a little leg work, your no required to look at you gear status first with the screen open and then enable the cheat with that said all cheats work i tried it this morning

c’e’ bisogno di un aggiornamento i trucchi non vanno piu’,max attack ecc. ecc. grazie

try to increase maximum health in the game, but it only works in single player and if I want to play with several it doesn’t work, just like health regeneration. Am I doing something wrong or is it only for singleplayer?

it’s only for single player.

So, the edit item quantity cheat doesn’t work for items above certain tiers. Kind of inconvenient, would be great if it affected all items of all tiers. Otherwise most things work alright.

At which rarity are you having the issues ? I’m currently at rarity 7 and everything has been fine for me

Weird, because it seems to randomly just not increase the amount of higher rarity monster parts, like tails and pelts, and higher tier ores as well seem to be unaffected in my game. It’ll increase the amount of more common parts, like scales or scraps or lower tier ores.

The MONSTER HUNTER RISE cheats have been updated!


  • Bug fixes and game compatibility improvements
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