MONSTER HUNTER RISE Cheats and Trainer for Steam

i havent checked to see if it prevents playing online, i also have yet to check out multiplayer since i dont want to disrupt anyone’s games

I understand, thanks. I’m not going to use it online. I just want to be able to go back online without it after.

maybe we can get the no build/upgrade requirement for weapons and armour? that was the best thing ever

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I was wondering if the cheats will work online in privet seasons does anyone know if they do or not? I wanted to ask just in case cause my boyfriend and I are going to start playing the game together

Can confirm as of now they do. I’m more lowkey about using them online though. Advise more or less sticking to offline

please add infinite health your competitors have it. like cheat happnes i want to make u guys my go to for cheats please bring the same cheats as them or better also add a game request section and game update section and game trainer option request as well please.


Hi guys, 100% drop rate would reaaaally help. Thanks! Also please add attack multiplier to make farming faster.

I can’t open monster hunter rise in wemod software.
My game is ver. and my wemod is v8.0.12
I’ve try my steam in offline mode
But still cannot open the game
What can I do? Thanks

Non-Pro members are unable to make use of the Item Quantity cheat. You have to click Set to turn it on, and there’s no hotkey for that.

Any chance of adding the free crafting/upgrading cheat that’s on Fling’s standalone World trainer?

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hi there are missing cheats could you add the god mode a kill one shoot
, a damage variator, creative mode for crafting which does not consume any resources, thank you in advance

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Hi can you add like the one hit kill that is in monster hunter world?

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Would it be possible to have cheats that don’t suck in the trainer ? Actual unlimited health, stamina, one hit kill ? There’s multiple Cheat Engine tables that already do it.

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