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Motorsport Manager Cheats and Trainer for Steam


Keep getting this error


I tried playing both offline and online. With mods and without and it won’t work


Right version of the game basically the latest one which you seem to have.
Try starting the game first and then attaching Infinity to it.


in steam, work?, i play with pc DVD, install game, my version,, but still not work can you explain where the error ?


It still won’t work. Keep getting the same error. Guess it’s my bad luck :disappointed:


Instant part design makes my game crash :frowning:
What should I do ? Thanks ^^


Unlimited Money
Instant Build + Upgrade
Instant Design Improvement
these 3 are not working for me


game crash after using cheat… how can i fix it? i tried run as administrator… but it’s keep crashing… sorry for Google translator.

all of instants if i use, it crash… can you fix it?


Unlimited Money
Instant Build + Upgrade
Instant Design Improvement
these 3 are not working for me

same for me too


I think the creator won’t be updating this trainer anymore so replying won’t help


Don’t forget there are a lot of bigger and better games to find cheats for before STN thinks about coming back and updating this. If you look around however you can manually edit the games files to do what this does for the time being, it isn’t hard to find the right tools and it doesn’t take a genius to do it. Be warned that edits you make generally affect everyone if you mess with the files.


nothing on the game section of the cheat works at all


STN has 200 games to keep updated and the past month has had several AAA titles which are priority before updating trainers.


how many cheat creators are there?


Only 4


some work for me…
that make crash

  • instant part design the UI becom weird and then crash
  • Unlimited money… when buy building worth 100m which the trainen only give 99m (can bought but then money become minus)

other that not working

  • No can condition wear
  • No AI Overtaking


i’m also having the same problems as @achridhan


They do you just have to activate them at the right time


The cheats tend to work for me but only if I activate at certain times which is annoying for Unlimited fuel because sometimes it works sometimes it doesn’t so if we can get an update for this it would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you for your time


Just an update, hope this helps people enjoy the trainer as well as the devs target the problems.

Infinity up to date.
Steam Motorsport Manager up to date (MM.exe file version
Game launched through Infinity with no Steam Overlay & played in offline career mode.

My experience…

  • Working:
    Max Chairman Happiness & Unlimited Money
  • Working, conditional:
    Unlimited Fuel & No Car Condition Wear (start during race)
  • Not-working, crashes:
    Instant Part Design (crashes on opening part design panel)
  • Haven’t tested:
    Unfirable Player
  • ALL the remaining cheats are non-working for me, but don’t seem to cause problems.