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Motorsport Manager Cheats and Trainer for Steam


Can confirm that the tire wear and tire temp are not working. Kinda essential for a no pit stop run. Perhaps @STN can take a look, but I’m sure things are backed up and busy this time of year, so give it a while.


Can’t wait until this is working again, thanks for all your hard work guys!

Fuel, Condition, infinite happiness, and infinite money are still working for me at least.

edit:Infinite fuel seems to no longer work, my old strategy was to wait until a race to turn it on. Not sure what is causing the issue.


Before a race, I would turn it on and alt-tab out to see if it disabled itself after a while and if it did I just turned it back on


Some in-race cheats don’t work anymore (those related to tyres).


The tyre cheats haven’t worked in ages mate go back through the disscusion and you can see what people are saying I myself have posted about perfect tire condition and no tyre wear


I read it, I just wanted to bring attention to the topic hoping that cheat makers see us xD


@STN please add MM cheats to your agenda

  • In-race cheats like tyre wear, temp etc

  • Instant HQ build/upgrade

  • I think no AI overtake doesn’t work anymore but I can’t be sure I think it worked for my last race


It already has tyre wear and also temp. Also


They are not currently functional right now.


Another thing, the infinite fuel cheat enables infinite fuel for all racers including AI, so really it has no effect overall.


For the cheats that you said are not functional we have already mentioned them multiple times throughout 2017 so you didn’t need to say anything about it and the unlimited fuel cheat applying to the A.I has never happened to me so if it is happening to you it would be nice to see some evidence


When I enabled the infinite fuel cheat the AI kept their fuel mode on overtake for the entire race. I can record when I get home if you really need to. But next time you use the cheat, near the end of the race watch all the other AIs fuel use they usually stay on overtake on high the whole time


so as off now which cheats do not work? or which ones do work? (which ever list is shorter)


The instant build don’t work and racing cheats crashes my game. I highly doubt that they will ever fix this.


Come Version Guard, it will. Pointless to do atm when i could focus on other games that don’t get updated as much


Dear @STN
Infinty App says my MM-Version is from May 18. I really would love to instant research stuff but when I toggle the option and enter research tab ingame all upgrade options turn red and the game crashes. I have no workshop mods installed and already tried offline mode as suggested earlier in this thread.

game source: Steam
game version: 1.53.16967+121.20171117.1034

as it seams the following trainers are working for me:

  • chairman
  • unlimited fuel
  • no car condition wear

following definitly dont work for me:

  • instant part design
  • no ai overtaking
  • no tyre wear
  • perfect tyre temperature

for the rest im not sure or I cant test because i already are at max upgrade and cant see any changes


Instant research worked for me I activated them waited for a race then tested it and it worked fine


Need Update! :frowning: Fix some bugs :slight_smile:


Dear STN,
No tyre Wear automatically turns off if I try to turn it on
Few of them are working fine but rest are having some bugs please give an update

Game Version: 1.53.16967+121.20171117.1034


It won’t work for me. It won’t even detect the game despite the fact i have it on steam, and it will launch the game just not realize it’s there afterwards.

Maybe a update? idk, whatever you do is appreciated!