My Suggestions for WeMod

Hi Guys, My name is GalaxyHacker1470. I am a WeMod Pro user. And in this topic, I will just basically give out suggestions for WeMod. Here are the suggestions below:

1. Bloons TD 6 update: The bloons td 6 trainer is broken, here is what needs to be fixed:

The add mission money cheat has been broken. Could you make it so that the cheat just gives you like 1,000,000 mission money per second again? That would be good.

The mega xp reward cheat is broken. Could you fix it so that it gives you like 1000 xp/bloon pop?

Can you add a No ability cooldown cheat? That would be nice :slight_smile:

Other Info-

I will be sharing this topic with the community creators. Please fix these trainers. Also, If anyone has any other suggestions please let me know and reply to this topic!

Hello. :slight_smile:

Thanks for supporting WeMod by going Pro. :slight_smile:

This forum section is for feedback relating to the WeMod software or app itself.
Suggestions for specific trainers need to go in the trainer’s official thread, where the trainer developer will see it. They don’t have the time to check out every single thread on the forum to see if their trainer is mentioned in them. :slight_smile:

Click the Discussion button in the trainer to go to that trainer’s official forum thread, where you can join the discussion and make suggestions for that specific trainer.