Need for Speed Unbound Cheats and Trainer for EA

Tried both way above. Still did not work for me. :frowning: DO u start save file then use cheat? Or use cheat then load save file?

Set the amount on the screen where you buy stuff.

Ich habe versucht mit der mod etwas geld zu bekommen aber es geht nicht kann mir jemand sagen wieso?


Please make sure you’ve followed all of the instructions.

Please patch the spotting, with LVL 5 the Helicopter will spot you…

Hello, I wanted to ask where I can request for adding an option to the TRAINER. Is it right here? I would be interested in the “Turbo / Nitro Boost” option, so that the vehicle would immediately have, for example, a speed of 300 km (preferably if we could set the speed self). It would be perfect for speed cameras. Thanks in advance.

hello thank you for the trainer and great work! , i was wondering if possible to add a fast escape from the police option and also an option to freeze timers for certain races and events ?

same here with money/gain
not working, neither after winnign a race nor on garage/purchase tab

u need to do it offline

well set myself offlin ein EA app before launching th e game, still not working(

once you get in the game
go to the shop and try to but or sell something

did not work
the thing is EA pushing their new app
doesnt work with EA App
once uninstalled and back to Origin(thin) client it worked like a charme
so always better to keep backups of some installer files

i find that quite odd considering it worked for me on the ea app, have you tried adding the game to steam and launching from there and then trying the cheat ?

didnt try to add it to steam, maybe issue as bought through epic then

however, with origin works

don´t work nothing cheat on ea app offline

The Need for Speed Unbound cheats have been updated!


  • Bug fixes and game compatibility improvements

unlimited nitrous option works on AI too, making them unbeatable with the option on.


Thank You everything works perfectly. Could we please get an option to freeze game timers for timed events please if possible?

I am offline in game and on the EA app. And I can not get the money code to work ? Any suggestions here ?

Thank you

The Need for Speed Unbound cheats have been updated!


  • Freeze Race Timer cheat added