Need for Speed Unbound Cheats and Trainer for EA

Simdi bn ea play pro kullanıcısıyım oyunu sadece aylik kiraladım programin pro versiyon ucretli almama ragmen unbaund da para hilesini yapamıyorum ea play uygulamasından çevrimdışı olarak girmeme rağmen olmuyor

please add Unlimited Special Nitro

unlimited money not work no matter what you do…

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Knk bende olmuştu, öyle yapmıştım çıktıktan 1 ay sonra EA Play Pro almıştım bir aylığına oynamak için.Ama oyun açıkken pc’nin internetini kapatarak yaptım oyunun hikaye kısmında.Bide oyun indirimde 360tl istersen al. :smiley:

i went offline to do the money but after that i am no longer able to connect online

trainer seems not to work for me ( fails injection)

trainer dont work

The Need for Speed Unbound cheats have been updated!


  • Slowdown Vehicles cheat added

This trainer was working before except the money cheat but now the game keeps crashing if try to activate the freeze other drivers. it was better before when the freeze worked even halfway through the race. Maybe its because the update of the game was launched. Could this trainer please be updated.

Slow Down cheat works at the start of the race, and for everything during a race except the other racers. You can get them off the line, but once they catch you again slow down doesn’t do jack.

Slowdown cheat is not useful unless it’s a small circuit or close race. Once you get about 1300m away the AI takes off full speed and will fly past you. makes it unwinnable as they keep going at 900km/h for the rest of the race…

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is it possible to make the unlimited nitro also works with the boost bar? thanks

Money cheat is not working, can you update please?

money wont work, offline you mean story right?

money is not working

No, you need to set your game to offline mode.

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I can confirm Cash/Gain mod is not working even in offline mode in EA App.
carefully followed all the steps did not work.

Please check and resolve this…

why is it for some reason when im in a race and i have slowdown ai turned on, later on halfway through the race all the enemies just start catching up and i cant catch up at all even though my car is way faster. please update this for it to actually work because the enemy cars go a thousand kmph and cant even catch up anymore.

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Anyone had any issues after using any of the mods that no matter what performance upgrades you buy it won’t upgrade the car’s tier?

money cheat aint working pepega