Need for Speed Unbound Cheats and Trainer for Steam

Chris, please do make a video.

anyone tried on epic version? does it work on epic version too?

Slowdown crashes every single time. Everything else works perfectly. I only activate the slowdown while in a race and usually not the entire duration of the race just the last stretch if im in like 2nd or 3rd but so far it crashes about 90% of the time got it to work like maybe once after many tries. I also noticed it creates weird audio issues such as stuttering or distortion.

Hopefully it will be fixed in the next update since its one of the more important items. Regardless thanks for the trainer :slight_smile:

UPDATE: I noticed the Slowdown Current Race Vehicles works best if you use it right at the beginning of the race. I was able to do this in succession across many races. If you try to use it later in the race the chances of a crash is much much higher.

Origin version trainer works on Epic standard edition game. Options I tried:

  • Slowdown current race vehicles
  • No police reinforcements
  • No police spotting

All those worked.
I started EA app and Epic Games Launcher, and clicked Start Game in Wemod.

I have the same problem

What i did is open we mod, turned my internet off(unplugged ethernet) and then loaded game through we mod and chose play offline. Then i went back into wemod and set an amount and got a new car and it changed my money to the set amount

Playing the origin version

does the score multiplier only work in the actual races or can we use it for the random drift events around town cuz those are the only things stopping me from 100%ing the game

needs update, the no police spotting mod still doesn’t work. everything else works perfectly

Do not added money on trainer.After buying anithing cash become less but not this,that I change

(PC-Steam -EA)

Finish The prologue first. Then,

It works. I tried various methods but finally one works. what I did first I disabled automatic login inside the game. Then quit the game.

Start the game just as you see the black screen pull the ethernet cable off.

Set the money and gains. You will probably see a change when you win races you won’t see them as soon as you set them.

All the mods work for NFS unbound the police thing. Cars Slow. I don’t know what everyone is concerned about them not working.