Need for Speed Unbound Cheats and Trainer for Steam

I think WeMod does not support cheating in multiplayer. I doubt it will ever work

No longer works in vol.2

Edit :
Thank you very much for updating compatibility to Vol.2!
Finally harrypotter won’t spot me from the air, feels so comfortable at heat 5

Another edit :
Set cash is working, but after exiting the game and re-entering the game online, the cash becomes minus.
Probably get deducted from whatever I bought when offline lol

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yeah, doesnt work after update.
When new version?

What does the gains cheat even do? Money cheat not working.

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The cheats were updated last week on the 21st but now the cheats don’t seem to work.

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now i do love the mods on here…however…the Money cheat doesnt seem to work…does anyone know if its gonna be in the update queue soon or if a date as to when it will be updated and fixed??

The mod for money works correctly. You need to be offline and set the value in the store, then purchase something.

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@Chris…i dont doubt you…i think im doing it wrong, as usual…ive gone offline mode with Trainer already on…i set the value (800,000)…then i purchased an item (clothing)…no money added…is that what u meant or have i messed it up again?

could we get support for activities? (drift zones especially)

Like cowpigs said can we get like a timer stop for the little trail things
And an Update for the Steam Version

The set Cash aint working please work on that


cash app is working fine for me, go in the garage, set your cash, and buy something, thats how it worked for me.

Money cheats stop you going back online one you use it

It works fine for me. Started from 0 online after finishing story mode. Had some nice cars unlocked after leaving garage then re-entering.

Steam palace version.

No police reinforcements & spotting not working on volume 3, it needs an update

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No police reinforcements, Police spotting, Score Multiplier, Freeze Racer TImer in open world community, and Slowdown Current Race Vehicles not working on New Update volume 3.


Yeah, the update to Vol.3 seems to have broken the score multiplier and both police cheats. Haven’t tried race timer yet.


I’m really hoping this trainer gets added to the update queue. The cheats for me are currently causing some wonky camera glitch that makes it unplayable. And the problem isn’t present in the game without the cheat injections.

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Vol. 3 update has ruined Slowdown Current Race Vehicles for me.

I’m blaming EA for the patch… but can somebody update the trainer already? I cannot progress without working options.

Thanks for the update, you are lifesaver!!