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Night of the Dead Cheats and Trainer for Steam

This is the official discussion topic of the Night of the Dead Trainer and Cheats in the WeMod app. Please post any suggestions, bug reports, or praise that you may have for the cheats in here!


Download the trainer and find it in the WeMod app.

Trainer Options and Cheats:

1. Unlimited Health
2. Unlimited Stamina
3. Free Craft
4. Free  Construction
5. Free Research
6. One Hit Kill
7. Unlimited Arrows
8. Unlimited Throwables


Trainer Video:

Supported Game Versions:

We strive to keep our trainers up to date with the latest game versions. WeMod automatically detects which version you have installed and activates the mods accordingly. So there’s no need to worry about which version of the game you have!

Updates and Changes:

  • 09/07/2020
    Started development

  • 09/07/2020
    Released trainer with 8 cheats

  • 09/17/2020
    Bug fixes and game compatibility improvements

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The Night of the Dead cheats have been updated!


  • Released trainer with 8 cheats

Please post in this topic if you run into any issues!

is this for multiplayer as well?

No. All our trainers are for singleplayer use only.

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Hello, is it working on the new version of windows 10 >> 2004?

Do you mean the game ? It’s for the brand new game on steam August 28th.
If you mean will it work for windows game ? No steam version
Not sure what the 2004 is about ?

2004 is the new update for windows 10.
And I’m trying to play with the crack game version

We dont support cracked games on here. Can try it but if it dont work not much we can do. Should be fine with the windows update.
We support the store bought legit versions. Sorry

Works for me and I am on Windows 10 Pro x64 2004

Personalmente no me funciona, al activar algún truco rápidamente se pone en off sin dar chance a utilizarlo.

Hi please use English on here so we can help you. Thanks

PtondoModerator . Thank you very much, I bought the Steam game and yes it works perfectly all the tricks

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Oh ok just letting us know they worked ?
Great thanks for letting us know! :+1:

Personally it does not work for me, when activating a trick it quickly turns off without giving a chance to use it. don’t have the game on steam, I have it pirate.

Well that’s probably why. Pirate , we dont support cracked versions. And it mite have worked until we updated the trainer.
Need to get steam version for it to work
Or I guess an updated crack version?

as of 09/16/2020 Unlimited health and Unlimited Stamina stopped working probably cause of game version update

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Thanks for the NotD trainer, MrAntiFun!
A new game version was released today, which broke Unlimited Health and Unlimited Stamina. Edit (add): One Hit Kill seems to effect player character also. I died from one hit and also died from eating a stat food.
P.s. Ahah! I figured out how to add a like for your trainer!

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The Night of the Dead cheats have been updated!


  • Bug fixes and game compatibility improvements

Please post in this topic if you run into any issues!

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To access, do I need a pro account on wemod?

No you dont it’s free to use. But helps us out to keep making these trainers to be pro