No Man's Sky Cheats and Trainer for Steam

i feel like adding an unlimited Ship hyper-drive range option would be a good idea.

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If that were to happen, I think the game would go like this:

  • Find the brightest light in the galaxy
  • Aim for the brightest light in the galaxy
  • In the galaxy map, move toward the brightest light in the galaxy… Should take about 20 minutes.
  • Warp to brightest light in the galaxy (or at least one star away from it)
  • Go to center of galaxy.
  • Lather, rinse, repeat

Is there a particular way to get Infinite Health on Ship to work?
I have tried twice in two different sessions and it hasnt worked, but the session in between, my game crashed turning it on but then it worked after i reloaded it?

Is it meant to be the same toggel for Unlimited Health and Unlimited Radiation with Adding and Decreasing all Unit values? Cause thats actually pretty annoying especially if you arent a Pro member and cant add and subtract individual ones.

Thank you for all the other options as well.

they seem to be working for me, accept the two for the jetpack seem to lag. I have to be standing still then hit the jetpack the get the unlimited jetpack.

The No Man’s Sky cheats have been updated!


  • Bug fixes and game compatibility improvements
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for me the update released on the 3rd, seems to have a problem when in the anomaly the other players are all T-posing and they do not move at all, infect ships that come into land are frozen in mid air, so iv hade to reuse previous update which still works.

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i seem to have to same issue at the anomaly everyone just stops moving when i exit the ship also i can’t seem to see my friends on foot they constantly leave the system when i am on foot

Just an FYI… Quitting NMS does not seem to be noticed by WeMod. I have found recently that I need to use task manager to shut WeMod down in a timely manner. I have not tested how long WeMod will leave the ‘cheats’ running, but it is more than a minute. And closing WeMod does not close the ‘cheats’. Hence task manager.

I have not been playing NMS for quite a while, but started again just after the ‘outlaw’ update, so cannot tell when this started (for me).

it seems that super jetpack speed glitches the multiplayer feature of the game so it appears as everyone else is frozen in place or T-Posing

Hey WeMod Community, I believe there are also other players who face the same issue as me whereby the current trainer may be caught by some anti-cheating detection. When the trainer is applied to a save file, the multiplayer aspect is affected. For example, my friend’s character will not be visible when I am on foot.
Similarly, in the Anomaly, all players freeze/T-pose as a result.

The anti-cheating system is just a possible conclusion by me. Other than that it may be some bug. I hope this gets a fix soon! Really appreciate it! :slight_smile:

If you are playing multiplayer, you shouldn’t be using cheats.

Add easy crafting !

Easy crafting is already in there. But I suspect you mean “material free building”.
The difference between the two is where you make things.
Easy craft is done in your inventory, or wherever you can add things to repair them (first starship, drop pods, crashed ships, things like that). As long as you know the recipe, you’ll be able to make anything, or install any known technology.
Building, however, requires that you place it outside of your inventory, or any other technology slot. But there’s a workaround.
Unlimited Material Packs and Super Packs Size. One will give you 9999 of the material, the other will make that 99999. All you have to do is open your inventory, press both hotkeys to activate them, and press them a second time to turn them off. If you don’t turn them off, you won’t be able to sell them, and will be forced to drop the materials. As long as you have 1 of any material, you can do this.