No Man's Sky Cheats and Trainer for Steam

My version runs with only 1 little bug : easy crafting litters the inventory with distress signal

scanners , after a few minutes i have over 1200

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yep, same here


Its the most recent trainer and is a legitimately purchased copy of the game from Steam.

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im the same

and another update

This has been driving me crazy, but I didn’t know which cheat was causing it. Thanks!

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I will continue to test the steam version out, because right now I am having issues with the following:

  1. Material Quantity Amount
    A. Setting this to enabled works fine however, it seems to work even after disabling it… at which point your inventory fills up super fast.


  • The following seems to have fixed itself due to user error

I’ve tested the XGP version I didn’t see/ witness any hiccups in that trainer/cheat… however, I am experiencing an issue with the Steam Version:

** Unlimitd Materials Packs + **
** Super Pack Size + **
** Set Pack Size**.Slider

yielding 1/1 on Items that stack at max of 9999 max item stack size…

and easy crafting dont work for one or other reason for the upgrades for your ships and gear. You stil need the ingredients to make them. that is for the steam version.

I’m having the same problem. easy craft don’t work no more. I liked it better when it worked fully especially when installing tech on your ship. could you please fix this so it works fully and can easily install tech on my ship again?

The No Man’s Sky cheats have been updated!


  • Bug fixes and game compatibility improvements
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What cheats don’t work, though?
I can say that the Unlimited Jet Pack, Super Jetpack Speed, Easy Craft, No Reload (except maybe for the Neutron Cannon thingy), Unlimited Mining Beam Energy, and Unlimited Ammo (again, except maybe for that new cannon thingy) all work quite well. Unlimited Materials Packs works too, but you might run into inventory issues with that one active, so my suggestion for that one is to use it sparingly.

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With me the same .(Win 10 64bit) :+1:

Trainer needs to be updated again. The game got another update today. It was a small patch, likely a hotfix.

You can see the update here:

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I have onyl found one issue and that is with the option easy alien translation. It works fine for korvax and gek but dosen’t work for the vy’keen

Another small patch this morning. Expect a barrage of people demanding you to update immediately.

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Its not working for me. When I turn on the mod it immediately turn it self off. :man_shrugging:

Steam + Win 10 64 bit = works without problems :desktop_computer:

Did you recently install any mods?
This kind of thing happens when an older mod conflicts with an updated .pak file.
There are things you can do.
1: Replace the DISABLEMODS.txt file. This will bypass the mods folder, and should boot the game properly.
2: Run the mod through AMUMSS. If you have difficulty with that (the instructions are not d*ck in a ceiling fan easy) let me know.
3: If the game was working before, and you have several mods, remove the most recent one. You might be able to merge that mod with another one that works in AMUMSS (again, not exactly easy to understand).


Personally I think this app is awesome.
Since it was updated. The mods are not working as they were before the 2 updates. Before the mod froze items when building, upgrading. Now those items are decreasing as in a normal game. The Hazard Shields also decrease, before they didn’t. same for when refueling, ammo usage declines instead of frozen. Every item on the mod list ticks to be ON, but I don’t believe it to be working correctly like it did before.
For some reason the upgrading of Exosuit, ship, multitool or storage slots enabled multiple upgrades more than just 1, now only 1 upgrade can be done. I have no idea why that did it, but it was awesome when upgrading new ship.
Please have a check to see if maybe it’s not working correctly compared before the fractal updates.
Please freeze all item and ammo usage. And thank you for your time and effort that you put into all the mods for all the games you do, huge effort and I thank you for it.