Non-working mods, viruses, and Trojans

Well it’s par for the course at WeMod. An enormous library of games on the market for which there are no trainers available. For years now. Games have trainers on request for 4 or 5 years and nobody even bothers to develop one. I’m lucky if there is a 1 in 10 chance WeMod will have a working trainer for any game I buy at any time. Usually they do not. Nope, not one for that one. Nope, not one for that one either. They have a page promising they have a trainer but actually it’s a sham. Usually the trainers for every game don’t work right at all, or, as I found out yesterday, are loaded with viruses. As in Sins Of A Solar Empire Rebellion. Why does this guy Stingerr still have trainers here? That one has Win32 Trojans in it. Stinger has had trainers here for years that everyone knows do not work! Don’t you idiots ever clean up your trashy web site?
I just had to do a virus removal scan because of all the crap you allow here. It’s freaking amateur night in your house. Malicious Trojan viruses once again found on trainers on your web site. What a fly-by-night operation.

None of our trainers contain malware, any positive results are false positives. It would be near impossible for the trainer creators to add malware to them even if they wanted to. We are supported by our Pro members, distributing malware would be stupid for us to do and is something we will never do.

As far as games you play never getting trainers, we create trainers for games that are popular among our users. Unfortunately, if you play indie games or older games then they may not ever be popular enough to receive a trainer. While we don’t particularly like that we have to create trainers that will be popular.


In addition to what the fantastic Chris posted above, all of this information is available in the community or the support website through the search tool. :slight_smile:

For example, this post explains why it happens and how to resolve it: My antivirus marked WeMod as a Trojan - #2 by Ravenfyre

I also own games that do not have trainers, and that’s fine with me. The system of getting trainers made is a democratic one. And as with all democracies you don’t always get what you wanted, but nevertheless have to respect the results as it’s what the majority asked (or didn’t ask) for :slight_smile:

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I never had any big troubles with the trainers i used and some of them are made by Stinger. And i never found a evidence for any viruses in any trainers here. Only because your antivirus reports you a virus, does not necessarily mean that there really is one. Sometimes there are just false alerts because something seems similar to it. That can happen with trainers.

If I have learned one thing as a former support employee at United Internet AG, it is that the problem is mostly in front of the screen.

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