Not Working

No mods/cheats are working in any game whatsoever, I need help (I need the cheats for Dark Souls and Enter the Gungeon)

Do you get some kind of error message?

Need a bit more info then not working, are you running as admin?

Please read this and report back

Which OS are you using ? Like others have mentioned above, you need to be specific, and provide more details from your side. What are your full PC specs ?

Is your current Game version also compatible with the trainer as well ? Go through the Guidelines thread, as posted by STN above. It contains all the consolidated info !

It’s on Steam, I have no Idea what my PC Specs are, I have the latest steam versions on all of the games, and I don’t know how much more details to put, tell me what details you would like me to add.

Oh and as far as I know they are all compatible

Knowing one’s system PC specs isn’t that hard. Just use Windows DXDIAG, or this SPECCY tool,

For more info regarding these, you can get help via Google search.

But you must be knowing at least which OS are you using, Windows 7/8/8.1, or 10 OS, and is it 32 or 64 bit ?

But never mind all this, like other posters have asked before, “Do you get some kind of error message?”, “are you running as admin?”

I suggest you go through the Guidelines thread, as posted by STN above.

For the time being, also disable and close any GPU monitoring tool like FRAPS, MSI AB, Evga PrecisionX, GPU tweak, STEAM overlay etc., just to name a few… Disable any AntiVirus as well, for the time being.

Did you first launch and open Infinity, and then the game, or vice versa ?

ok so if i download horizon i do all the setup steps but then when im done with that when its installing it says error could not download all the files

My OS is windows 10 (I didn’t know what OS was and I didn’t think of searching it up), I am running as an Admin, I am getting an Error message (I forgot because i’m an idiot) saying “game could not load” for Dark Souls … And I am getting an incompatibility message for Dark Souls (Dark souls seems to be the problem child as ETG’s cheats are working, I am testing the cheats as I am typing this message)… I, once again, forgot about that I was getting one for it,

Please don’t hijack threads especially when it has nothing to do with the tool. Infinity is for PC games, Horizon is for Xbox360 games. I don’t know whether to delete your post or move it somewhere

@Literal_Otaku What is your game exe name and the game version ?. Also where is the game exe located in your game folder?

The EXE is named “DARKSOULS” it is in my data folder and the I dont know where to find the version but if it means anything it says the game is 32-bit

Does Infinity launch the game or it doesn’t even open the game?

The game gets launched but it says “the game could not open or is taking too long” the second before the game opens.

Are you getting the following error ? According to the guidelines thread, the following could be the reason behind this issue. Though, it looks like you may also have an incompatibility error as well.

Do you have the Dark Souls: prepare to die Edition, or some other version ? STN might be able to help you further.

Game could not be started or it is taking too long to load.

* Run infinity as admin
* Architecture Mismatch - Either the game is 32-bit and Infinity requires it to be 64-bit or game is 64-bit and infinity is looking for 32-bit.
* Your game exe is different than the one trainer is looking for.

I have Dark Souls:Prepare to die edition, and that is the error I’m getting.

@Literal_Otaku The incompatibility message has nothing to do with trainer failing to attach. The only time that error matters is if your game crashes WHEN you activate cheats or game updates. So ignore it.

The error you’re getting is a permissions or time-out issue. Try attaching infinity after the game runs especially if the game has a launcher etc. If that doesn’t work, maybe your antivirus is interfering. Add infinity to its exception and temporarily disable it.

That worked, thank you (I don’t know why I didn’t think of that obvious answer, sorry)

hey im new to this so im tryin to logg in from the installment and its not working