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Old Timers


Nice :smile:


Awesome :smiley:


Now we need an Old time old timers title. :smile:


There used to be like 30 of us. Now there’s like 1,000 lol.


09-26-2010 the good old days (:


Sad, but true :confused:


6 months late Ehh :stuck_out_tongue:


Came back to see the site has changed a lot. Glad to see the older members of the site get some way to show off they have been around for a long time.


Awesome Cheater


It’s already been that long…wow.


Sweet! I feel like this was a good change, as there aren’t as many active users from “the early days” as there used to be. I truly feel special again. <3


Back when there was like no like activity xD You would have the same threads on the front page for days! hahaha


Back when Pavman was always on that replies tab*


It’s hilarious I joined before Chris.


What is so funny about that?

I joined a day before you BTW


It doesn’t even seem like that long ago


yew thanks cheater :smile:


Missed by 2 days, I was on the form earlier though. Nice to see the time has been changed.


Love and hate the new theme but all has to change with time. Been a looooong road since 2010.


opps, meant to say a day after Chris.
and also; it was reference to our positions after all this time.