Open Country Steam version released....what about the Epic Games Launcher version?

For this game, I discovered it on Epic first before Steam had it. So, I bought the Epic Games version. I see you released for the Steam version, but not for Epic. Is that being worked on or are Epic users out of luck?

They will probably release the epic version to, are you sure there is no epic vers. ?


Trainers are only made if the game on that platform is popular enough with WeModders. You can see the development queue in the WeMod desktop app by clicking the Queue tab.
Learn how trainers get made by clicking here.

Saying that, just click the Fix button and manually link your Epic Games .exe to the Steam trainer. It may or may not work.

Yes, no Epic version in Wemod. So far, only the one released for Steam.

@Ravenfyre, I have tried that but it doesn’t work correctly. For some reason, when I launch the game from Wemod, it doesn’t find any of my saved games and starts from building a new character. When I launch the game from EpicGamesLauncher, all my saves are there and my character.
I’ll keep my hopes up that an Epic version will be worked on.

Based on the popularity and how games are queued to be worked on, as you explained to me, this one finally made the queue list. They just missed the one for the other platform. :slight_smile: I hope Wemod doesn’t discriminate the platform providers based on their popularity. Steam users made an impact but the game is also provided on another fairly popular platform (IMOPO).

My Steam catalog is larger than EpicGames, but that is ONLY based on the fact that Steam came first, and I was “forced” to use it if I wanted to get a game that was only available through Steam. Now that there are other providers, there is competition and I feel like I have a choice again where I choose to get my games. This is great because one provider might have a sale, or offer the game for free for 48hrs, etc.

WoW!! This ended being long! I guess I really had feelings deep down about platform providers I never dealt with!!! HAHAHAHA Anyway, thanks for your contributions, Ravenfryre!!