PAYDAY 2 Cheats and Trainer for Steam

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As stated in several posts in this thread, PayDay 2 has a pretty badly designed game engine. The game was abandoned by the devs for some time due to finance issues, which is why there are so many unfixed bugs in the game, including the taser crash.

Players will occasionally crash when hit by a taser whether they use mods, trainers or not. However, using mods or trainers may increase the chances of crashing. But ultimately the issue is within the game engine itself, which is up to the game’s developers to fix, once they sort out their financial issues. Though I believe their main focus right now is on developing a new game, PayDay 3.

Is it possible to use the trainer with VR?

Unfortunately it is not possible to use the trainer with the VR version of the game.

is it possible to clean the trainer files so bullguard doesnt flag it as infected and quarentine it
or does it require an update

It’s not infected it’s a false positive , the name bullguard sounds pretty agressive we are a legit company and would never have infected files

You will get false positives with trainers every now and again, no matter where you get them from. It is purely because of the way that trainers work. Simply add WeMod as an exception in your antivirus program.

I have never heard of BullGuard despite being involved in the computing sector for two decades. The lesser-known antiviruses tend to be trigger-happy clowns.

This will help explain: Windows Defender marked WeMod as a Trojan

hey, i have a question. I just used the add 100 skill point option and I accidentaly pressed it like 4 times, so when i restarted the game all my previous skills points dissapeared. Is there a way to get all my skill points back?

When you give yourself more skill points than you can legitimately earn, the game resets them. This cannot be reversed. This has been mentioned in several previous posts. :slight_smile:

is it possible to add a section about spawning in loot bags?

I was wondering if the bug where your skill points reset when restarting the game can be fixed and if it’s possible to run wemod alongside blt mods. I wanna use WolfHUD and WeMod but the game doesn’t open.

This is not a bug. This means you spent more skill points than you can legitimately earn.

is it possible to get wemod working with blt mods?

No it is not possible. WeMod requires you to remove the DLL that allows other mods as we use our own custom DLL for the same thing.

i have problem with the trainer i cant get the inventory tools to work,
in particular the cash, offshore and infamy points.
can some one tell me what i precisely have to do to get them working

Hello all, first post here. I have taken quite a long hiatus from this game and now that im coming back, I cant get the game to start when ran through wemod. I dont have mods installed. There is no DLL but a mods folder does keep reappearing up every time I delete it and rerun the game along with asking me if I want to download BLT.
Also is there any possibility of adding an option to carry multiple bags? was a mod I used a while ago that made the game so much more fun for me. Thanks all

We need a Update Game version is not compatible

Please Update mod !!!

The trainer works on the newest version of the game. Please read through this thread, I’m sure you will find a solution to your issue.

Does this Trainer only effect on Singleplayer and not Multiplayer?

Every single trainer on the entire internet, no matter where you get it from, are only for single-player game modes.

Needs to be updated.

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