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PAYDAY 2 Cheats and Trainer for Steam


Nope trainers arw not made for vr


dose it work with the VR version?


Think its an own build. You should have a test tho.


dis twaiwer do noy work plox fix


If only we knew what you said.
Please use english on here please

Mods for Payday2 wont work

well i know it says this trainer does not work please fix. but I was using it earlier and it was working fine


This trainer not working dude :thinking:


Then You’re doing something wrong. any mods installed?


Teleport to bullet doesn’t work :frowning:


ok so I got the problem now were I click play it shows the check mark for a split second and goes away


Hi @unknown_v2 can you add a carry stacker mode?
Because right now we can’t run with a bag or take more than one at a time


@aceshadow u can walk/fast walk at full speed ans (sometimes)run with a bag if u have the “no movement penalty” cheat enabled.

@unknown_v2 if possible can a unlimited ammo cheat please be added for the Saw as the unlimited ammo option doesnt give it unlimited ammo and hasnt ever since the 1st time i used this trainer early 2017 atleast whenever ive played anyways


its not working currently it needs to be updated


can u add an update to support vr so i can use the mods in vr


Nope none of the trainers here support VR


Bois I need some help.

I have the full game of payday2 but I do have mods such as a pirate trainer for DLC’s, and wolf hud. also Microsoft jacket. I’m not sure if the trainer is making it not work but when I start the game the Play button doesn’t turn into a check and I cant enable any mods, is it because I have the trainer for DLC?


No it’s because mods are not supported


Could there be any reason on my end as to why I’m not able to use pagers and also the explosive bullets not working.


@Nexus_Clouds Were you host? if not some times it happens when instant interactions are turned on from what I noticed


No I wasn’t host, I’ll have to try turning off instant interactions. Also is it normal for skills to reset every time I close my game?