PAYDAY2, mods not working

simply put, my mods ain’t working in payday2, I hit the “Play” button on the payday2 page in infinity yet when I press the button commands no sounds play nor does anything new happen on the screen. from what I can tell no mods will work but infinity does work for other games for me.

Infinity does not support game mods.
You can try to start the game first and then attaching infinity to it. But for most people that didn’t work either

I meant cheats, not mods, but on the topic of mods would custom HUDs mess anything up? it was about 12am for me at the time,

Ah right sorry. Huds mods can mess up with things. You have a checkmark next to play yeah?

um like before I start the game from infinity? cause it’s the same for another game that works. would turning off the HUD from inside the game fix the cheats?

The checkmark next to play confirms that the play button started the trainer. The trainer needs to be started before you can use the cheats.

We can’t tell you how to set up your mods to work with Infinity. The mods might not be causing any issues, we wouldn’t know. Play around with them or disable them.

the checkmark isn’t appearing, what should I do?

It’s in the top corner just click on it

Do you have the latest steam version of payday 2? Are you using the dlc unlocker?

it’s the latest version on steam and I’m not using a dlc unlocker. I’ve tried clicking “Play” after starting the game from infinity but I’m getting the cheats not loading pop-up.

Have you tried restarting the computer?

I’ll try in a bit. anything else I should try before I restart?

You could try deleting the cache (delete the %appdata%\Infinity folder)

You can save the log in settings. The log should say what went wrong.

ok, how do I do that, I’m not good with messing with files and I’d rather say I’m dumb then to screw something up big time.

hold the windows logo key and press the E key. A explorer window will pop up. In the top “Computer” will be written in whatever language your windows installation is is. Press it and delete the text. Now paste in %appdata% and hit enter. Folders will be listed. Find the Infinity folder, right click and delete.

edit: press slightly to the side of “computer”.

I can’t find the “Computer” you’re talking about, would it be listed as something else?

Then press just the windows logo key and search for %appdata% in the little search bar at the bottom.

edit: close Infinity before deleting it.

ok, I’ve deleted the %appdata%. what should I do now?

Had to get some sleep. Just start Infinity normaly and it will be like the first time you opened it.

did that, did nothing. anything else I could do to fix the cheats?