Payment issues - cant upgrade?


im trying to upgrade to diamond - however i go through paypal, log in, agree - then it just goes back to first page and no payment has happened.

im just wondering why this is?

thanks :slight_smile:

Which Web browser are you using to upgrade ? Have you tried to switch to some other web browser, and/or tried clearing cache as well as cookies ?

CHROME should work, though if there is any error with the payment gateway, then the WEMOD’s Admin might be able to guide you further.

Do you have a valid Paypal Account, along with Money in your associated Bank as well ? Try paying directly with your VISA debit/credit card, if possible, instead of PAYPAL.

@Chris, @Frank, @Zach, kindly help the OP. :smiley:


Yeah i was using Chrome. My paypal account is certainly valid, plenty of money in the bank.

I would prefer paypal just because i would feel safer - im new here having had modio before so just want to check everything is good.

Yeah, I know that. PAYPAL is one of best and the safest online payment gateway.

Anyways, I’m not sure what the problem might be, so kindly allow @Chris, @Frank, or @Zach to shed some light on this, and guide you further.

It seems like you got the payment to go through. Were you able to use PayPal? Payments are processed by a 3rd party (FastSpring), and credit card information never hits our servers, so your information is in good hands :slight_smile:


Yes i used card in the end thankyou i used my tablet to pay.

Now just need to figure out how achievement unlocker works :slight_smile:

Scroll down to the achievement unlocker part and just follow the instructions. Be careful to not unlock a lot at once as you risk being flagged and reset or flagged and banned. Try to do small amounts so that it can make it seem legit.