Phasmophobia Cheats and Trainer for Steam

Looking good. cant wait for the updates…

The trainer is good but now I have debt around 7 millions lol, it would be nice if the value can be changed to 0 again or maybe set a new value~

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this mod killed my game crashes every time i load into a game

Welcome to the community @ludwigbren. :slight_smile:

There is no reason why the trainer would cause your game to crash. It does not touch the game in any way at all. The trainer only injects into your PC’s RAM.

There are dozens of causes of crashes. Most are user-sided.

  • The game is cracked or pirated.
  • The game is out of date.
  • The game has corrupt or missing files (the fix:
  • Your PC does not meet the requirements to run the game smoothly.
  • Your drivers, especially GPU, are outdated.
  • Your antivirus is interfering with the game, trainer or both.
  • You have a virus or malware infection causing issues like excessive RAM usage.
  • You have a memory leak.
  • You have corrupt registry files.

And so on.
Given the amount of causes of game crashes, it is extremely unreasonable to point the finger right away at WeMod - the least likely cause. :slight_smile:
In the future, consider asking for help to resolve your issue, including a crash log with your post, rather than making unproven accusations.


Really good work, works amazingly, like @Ezikiel said the debt thing is the only down side. Would be great to add something to change the value

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Thank you for this, but i believe the game got updated a few hours ago

Game has been updated to version 0.176.28 and trainer no longer finds and or connects to phas :frowning: has been amazing and I hope it’s fixed soon

Can confirm that the trainer no longer connect to phasmo even when using manual connect

Worked really nicely and smoothly! Can’t wait for the update!

Update required and maybe add XP option.

Please read the big red box before you post next time.

could you guys add an option that makes it posibe to move things when your dead


That is not something a trainer can do. You will need to get a custom game file to do that.

you have over as many votes as you need so im guessing your working on it

hi guys could u please add more cheats?

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Goal is reached.

could you guys add an option that gives you higher reach so i can pick up stuff or close a door from longer distance.

Once again this is not something a trainer can do. If you look at all the other trainers out there for this game there are 1 or 2 options. There is not a lot you can do in this game without editing the game files.

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Is it possible to add an option to get more xp?
Or such options to see which room it is or where the ghost is at the moment?

The Phasmophobia cheats have been updated!


  • Unlimited Sanity cheat added
  • Super Walking Speed cheat added
  • Super Running Speed cheat added
  • Disable Ghost cheat added
  • Add 1000 Money cheat added
  • Add Level cheat added

Please post in this topic if you run into any issues!

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