Planet Zoo Cheats and Trainer for Steam

credits do work but money cheat did not far in the - now

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The only thing that doesn’t work is the “Add 50 Career/Challenge Credits”


The “add 50k money” doesn’t seem to wirk correctly when the zoo is already in debt :confused: I tried it and suddenly had some -42mil money


so looks like, the add 50 career/challenge credits aren’t working for me as well


I would like if there was a option for no protesters…


The Add 50 Career/Challenge Credits Dosent work

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im worried if i give myself money/credits i’m gonna be softbanned or unable to buy animals from other players is this a real concern?

Update PLZ!!!

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We do not take update requests in the forum.

Read this recent post here to learn how trainers get updated and how, as a Pro member, it can be sped up: Vampyr for Windows suggestion - #2 by Ravenfyre.

Why is the cheat for the credits still not working? I pay for pro specifically for Planet Zoo & there’s only a couple working cheats. The only one I really use is the money cheat. But it’s not worth paying for cheats that don’t even work.

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I’m the wrong person to ask these days :man_shrugging:

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Well you should of posted the CORRECT answer then !

Are you using any DLC for the game?

u need to use it when u have positive money else will add to ur negatives

I love this mod so much, but I was wondering if a leaf credit mod would be possible?

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Activated a few mods in franchise mode and noticed after a while the drop-down menu options completely vanished. No option to even click anything, they disappeared from the menu entirely.
They were showing prior to activating all mods, after deactivating they didn’t come back. Closing and reopening the game fixed it.

This needs updating. The challenge/career credits don’t work, and when adding money that’s in the minus it adds more debt instead of money


there is new update for Planet Zoo, please update the trainer.


Hi, I don’t know if this happens because the trainer is not updated but when I use the cheat to add 50k in my scenario in which I had gone into negative balance, arrived at -30k brings me back to -43kk when I use the command. It’s frustrating because I can’t continue the game T_T

Hey! Hope it’s okay to write this here: been using the trainer, ran into slight issue a few times; if i used the money 50k cheat while my total was in the negative, the trainer would instead add it in the negative (eg. I’d go from -100 to -50.100.) I sort of dealt with this in roundabout ways (took out a loan for 50k, got in positive balance, used the 50k cheat twice or however many times, immediately repaid loan, rinse repeat as needed). But occasionally I’d slip up and accidentally used the cheat while in the negative, and I’ve no idea why it only did this sometimes, but the money would go to the negative MILLIONS (eg. I began at -10.000, it’d jump to -85.000.000). In the beginning when this happened, I could exit to title and it’d reload with the right amount. But it happened again just now, and sadly i’m still at -85.000.000 even after reloading. Which absolutely sucks, i’ve put in a lot of time in this save. I’ve been tinkering with the trainer, but again, using the 50k while it’s in the negative just makes it worse… SO i was wondering if there’s ANY way someone could find a way to help me out, I just want to get out of the negatives and try to actually get the zoo to run with a profit.
Apparently I can’t attach my savelog so I guess if anybody has any idea for a possible fix I’ll be happy to hear it! Thanks :blush: