Please add Great Conqueror Rome!

One of my Favorite games!

Hello! :slight_smile:

Games are added to the WeMod library automatically when WeMod detects that enough users have the game installed on their machines. When this happens, you’ll need to add the game to your WeMod favourites to show the trainer developers how popular the game is so they can prioritise it accordingly in the queue.

The trouble here is that I don’t think a lot of people know this game exists. It took me minutes to find out that it was available on PC (didn’t even show up in Google’s top search results as a PC game - just a Nintendo Switch game). Found it on PC eventually, on the gaming community’s least popular gaming platform:

This free-to-play game looks quite similar to Crusader Kings II, another free to play game - which we have a trainer for. Maybe you’ll be interested in that one too? See here: Free To Play Games That Have WeMod Trainers.