Since the last Update of your “amazing” app, it’s an amazing POOP. I can’t use my mod on the BF1 game :
-I must launch the game with the app if I want to use cheat, and the app can’t “find” the game If I already launch it.
-3/4 of the mod (Unlimited Health, Unlimited ammo, etc… doesnt work, because at the second I click on , they pass off alone…
And the game pass into less than 20 FPS, something that I NEVER HAD BEFORE.
Thx to correct all of this pls

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@Sproy hahahah nice
Gotta be something on your end all my stuff works great , so actually there is nothing to fix except your ways !

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Then I can have an explication, or help by anybody ?

Yeah you can.
But I don’t know what the error is.

Maybe something shows up. If not.

use this maybe somewhow your trainer is corrupt

Disable or uninstall your AV, that will fix the lag issue. Or get a better PC.

Some of cheats are broken because of game update i think. Not sure

Well, I did reinstall the AV, and I can now launch Infinity AFTER launched the game, but still cant launch some “cheats” (And My PC is not “the best”, but I can’t reach better todays… Need to wait news configs to be created).

Anyway, when I go to “consol” the cheat i’m trying to using go off “alone”, and in console, it’s written :

“WARN [trainer] Failed to assemble.
DEBUG [trainer] unlimited_ammo set to 0 by trainer.
DEBUG [trainer] unlimited_ammo set to 1 by client.”

I really don’t know what to do, and I found nothing on Forums

Are you trying to use it in multiplayer?

Of course no !

Some of cheats are broken because of game update i think. I have added it to my list

I have similar issues as well… on top of other errors going on…