Infinity Cache Clearer (ICC)

ICC - Clear.bat (34 Bytes)
ICC- Clear & Start Infinity.bat (1.0 KB)
ICC - Clear trainers only.bat (47 Bytes)

This tools exists to save time and simplify the process of deleting Infinity’s cache.

The cache files are located in “%appdata%/Infinity”. You can delete the files manually through the file explorer if you would rather not download ICC.

This is a remake of ICDV2 (Infinity Cache Deletor version 2). - ICDV2.bat -

Just a headsup: @frank, the creator of Infinity, has stated that the cache in v3 of Infinity will not cause issues, so don’t expect that this tool will fix any issues with your Infinity installation. Clearing the cache is still worth a try though, at least one user has reported success doing it.


Still useful sometimes. Maybe add an option to only clear out trainers and keep credentials? (infinity/app/trainers)

Quite Daring of you to create your own new name for the company


Right. I was pretty tired when I wrote that. Thanks for correcting me.

Added your request @STN.

Removed references to the daring development folder since it doesn’t look like Infinity stores anything in it anymore (nothing was generated inside it after using infinity, logging in and using a trainer). Let me know if I should change it back.

Can you please link me to one case where this worked as a fix for someone?

This shouldn’t be an issue in Infinity 3.

@Zach A couple times now, after i updated trainers people who used the old trainer would still get the old trainer instead of the new updated ones i pushed. Deleting the old trainers from their cache fixed it

@frank has no reason to believe there are caching issues.

If they need the new updated trainer all they have to do is restart Infinity.

This might be the earliest one:

And earlier today deleting %appdata%/infinity might have solved @Kalfax issue

And right after that post another user said this:

A tutorial on how to use this would be great.

Just download and run it.


Click download open it from desktop click run ??
Don’t need a tut it’s simple

Click on one of the downloads in the first post and open it?


And run (by double clicking the left mouse button) ?

Holy ■■■■ what is that? A virus?