Raft Cheats and Trainer for Steam

Thanks for the cheat but for some reason unlimited health, unlimited oxygen, no thirst and no hunger is working in new game.

Het there can you make Infinity Item cheats cause its been a pain to farm the Decoration Packages

Hey, there! Is there any chance of updating this one? After the recent update of the game, it crashes the option do craft stuff. Even tho one has the resources to craft something, making necessary to restart the game with the cheat turned off.

The ‘Easy Construction’ cheat crashes the game if you have the materials needed to build.
Edit: After testing, it crashes even after disabling the cheat, so long as you have the required materials and the builder tool out.

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After testing this cheat. the easy craft breaks inventory and makes it so you cant craft anything no matter what, can we get an update please??

Hello! Thanks so much for this trainer. Everything is still working fine for me, but I’m using an old save from maybe a year ago. Have had the chance to use the trainer on a new game.

Anyway, wanted to see if there was going to be an update for the painting mode? “Easy Paint” would be nice. Not having to have a bunch of paint on your player to paint a large raft/ship would be helpful.

Thanks again for the trainer.

Easy construction causes the game to crash, even in a fresh start. i have verified games files and trainer updated, i dont know what else i can do.

I have tested the trainer in regard to the Final Chapter update. All cheats worked EXCEPT for Hunger and Thirst. Activating these crashes the games but Oxygen, crafting, durability and construction seem to be working as is. Request update to resolve the Hunger and thirst cheats.

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I hope everyone will enjoy the new update! Good Luck with it!
I tried the cheats with the update. As far as I have seen the “No thirst” and “No hunger” cheat crash my game.
The others do not have issues so far. I hope this helps with your work on the update!
Take your time! :smile:

WARNING!!! A second update was applied and it has caused the game to be more unstable with cheats. I have crashed 3 times and ti has actually DELETED items in my inventory.


F’s in replies for my lost titanium and trash cubes.

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Could we get an update with an option to instant unlock all the characters? Would be dope.

or to have everything unlocked to build from the start ??

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The Raft cheats have been updated!


  • Bug fixes and game compatibility improvements

idk why but this mod worked once and hasn’t worked since. I played with the updated mod yesterday then i went to sleep and now when I activate the mod in the game it crashes my game. Every time I’ve tried to play today even in new worlds it just freezes and crashes my game.

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Everything is working now, thanks for the update!

hi STiNGERR RAFT just upgraded to 1.04

thanks to you :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :mask:

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Cheats requests:
-Give Trash Cubes
-Give Trade Coins


Easy Construction crashes the game. All over cheats work fine.

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same as above, easy craft crashes the game for me, and also no hunger no thirst for some reason disables my inventory and tab crafting

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Hotfix 1.03 is out and i just used the trainer…
No Hunger
No Thirst
Infinite Health

Still work.