Ranks and Skills

Hey I was just wondering what rank and play type people in this forum are playing at!!! So I created this thread to talk about your ranks!!

I am Global Elite
I am AWPer / Midrange / Lurker for my team.

Please provide your rank and proof below XD

A thread already exist for this. CS GO Ranks?

It is dead atm though.

yea, I think dead enough to have a new post

Also , on topic: Im not ranked and I suck at the game

Im no longer playing, but i got to the rank with 1 ak with laurels, i got also two aks crossed, but damn that was imposible for me, never won and got back to ak.
Last time i tried i was like Hawk, lost a few in nova rank, hence, i suck

We can work on that xD

Im unranked

From the previous thread. The highest rank I ever got to. I think I got LE in just under 70 wins.
I don’t play seriously anymore. I only play on Silver 1 accounts and often lose on purpose. I find it more entertaining.