Red Dead Redemption 2 Cheats and Trainer for Steam

Is there any way for you to make it work on xbox to like what you did with game pass games?

Can you tell me how do these work ? as in my exp atleast before the recent update, unlimited focus-items-set money-ammo-reload works, rest no specially the health/energy/deadeye since they have bars.

arthur will still die

This mod seems to only allow unlimited health in gunfights, but if the train hits me, I die. And I found that if I used some other mods to change the difficulty of the gunfight, I would die too

The deadeye cheat does not work, neither does infinite focus. Would love and appreciate an update.

I don’t know why someone said these are working. They’re not. Nobody has replied since September last year. It’s March already. Update this thing!

How guys did you make this health cheat works it doesn’t for me(Steam)


Proof has been posted of the cheats working.

Red Dead Redemption 2 Cheats and Trainer for Steam - #414 by Chris.

There are scripted events in this game where you will still die in certain situations. The game is hard-coded this way, which means there is nothing that a trainer can do about it. This was also explained many times in the thread.

Thing is, my HP bar goes down when I get shot. And of course, I launched the trainer once the game was loaded. All the others cheats seems to work but not this one :sob:

Restore and heal yourself and refuel all of your skills too 100%, then start the mod

I just tried, still doesn’t work(gauge and cores at 100% for health, energy and dead eye and I started mods after it).

Does anyone had the same issue ?

Thanks :slight_smile:

Did you try it online or single player? It works fine for single player but it’s not designed for online play.

Hey all I’ve been using the trainers for a while now and I’m not having an issue with the actual mods themselves … they all work fine and run great.

I DO have an issue though … If I die in a scripted event ie duel or cougar / wolf / bear the game hangs and I have to do a TM shut-down of the game to get out of the lock.
IS there any work around for the hangs ?

And for all wondering I simply followed directions [making sure I had the right exe] and only starting the trainer after the game is running.

For normal fights, the trainers work great. But yeah, during scripted events, the trainers can conflict with the script. It doesn’t matter who or what you’re fighting- animals or humans, it can lead to infinite hang times. My suggestion is to turn off the cheats when you know a script is about to occur, and then turn it back on after it’s over.

hello there is a bug on last version, the hp hack isn’t working corretly, i have to use infinite ammo to use Ilimited life.