Regarding Gears of War 3 bans. Read before modding your stats!

Okay, so lately people have been complaining or making threads in regards to Gears of War 3 bans. So, lets clear up a few things for people who have no idea what they’re talking about.

What we know:

  • Anyone who modifies their stats, ribbons, awards, etc. will most likely receive a ban from playing Gears of War 3 online. This includes private matches, unranked matches, even online co-op. Yes, Epic goes hard in the paint.
  • Their is/was multiple ways to get passed the ban, but you have to do it every time you dashboard.
  • People who were banned from Gears of War 3 also received a 15 day Xbox LIVE suspension. Epic has been forwarding Gamertags to the Xbox LIVE Enforcement Team.
  • Bypassing the game ban will most likely result in another 15 day ban. Players have reported being banned until 12/31/9999
  • From my understanding campaign modding will NOT get you banned. Unless you start a public co-op and randoms join and report you.

Some tips:

  • Don’t modify your stats on your main account.
  • Try out modding your stats slowly on your secondary or dummy account. If you modded your stats and have been playing for about two weeks, then try modifying your main ones. Slightly, nothing too crazy.
  • Don’t mod anything the public can see. If you modded your achievements, make it so only your friends can see your games played. People are ****s and will report you on Twitter or the Epic Forums.
  • Don’t use developer badges and/or camos. Pretty obvious right?

Other notes:

  • WeMod is NOT responsible for your account ban and/or Gears of War 3 ban. This has been stated in the past as well. You assume all risks when you violate the Xbox LIVE Terms of Use.
  • Horizon does not have a Gears of War 3 unbanning tool, and never will. So its best to not even ask about it or suggest it.

Hope you learned something.


Second account mods ban the whole console.

o.O Not in all cases, If you mod your main and it gets banned THEN you secondary it might.
But modding your secondary first might not result in a ban on the console.

I think it flags the console to be checked more often more mods.

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Got banned on second account for modding, which gave my second and main account that played 5 matches legit on it a perma-ban on Gears.

I then got banned on both accounts on XboxLive, but my third account(which I did not touch Gears on) was able to play gears AND log onto XBL.

And I evaded the gears ban and still got the 15 day ban, no 9999 ban yet.

I just try to be smart with it, nothing insane or anything like modding your stats to 100 or even going like 30 levels.

I only go 10 each day and as I go higher I rank up less.

how do you make it so only your friends can see your games played? For modding achivs

You can do it from the Xbox website (Xbox 360 - Official Site -
Go to your main profile page.
Under your info (gamerpic, gamerscore and motto/bio/location), there will be an option “Online Safety Settings”.
Click on that (enter your password again) and scroll down until you see “Game History” under “Privacy Controls”.
From there, you can change it to whatever you like.

Would this also pertain to say, modding reinforcement levels in Horde?

Cool, worked. Thanks.

i was level 19 then i modded it to level 24, do you think ill get banned, btw its been almost a week

All horde fortification upgrades unlocked. No ban.

i modded my level, but it was from 22 to 23 to 24 to 25, i played a game or two in between each mod so… its a risk but i havent been banned.

Be careful.

So if you get ban on the second account you could be ban in the first account?

Rod always trys to act EPIC,
Cause he is but seriously - Lol!

EDIT: It’s JOE. :smile:

Obviously it isn’t working since i never got my ban :smile:

Not necessarily in some case yes but in others like mine i only got my account banned not console

They are just trying to scare people into not using the tool. I just went from level 27 to 95 in one day, played, waited a week, went from 95 to 99, waited another week, got to level 100 this morning. Lets see if they ban me now.

ok gracias por la información lastima que ya me banearon del gow 3 :smile: