[Release] Black Ops Save Editor

The long awaited save tool for one of the most popular games on the 360.

Q & A

  1. Why did it take so long?

A. I’ve been busy with Horizon and school.



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Great work man! Can’t wait to use!

Thanks so much! Amazing work as normal! :smile:

Great work, going to test it out now :smiley:

Oh snap, ****'s about to go down.

Edit. To much advertising.


omfg coolest tool in the world
and the person, what a combo

Fail double post. Web browser ****ed up.

Great job man :]

Damn, this thread is blowin’ up.

Wow, thank you so much for this unknown.

Looks great.

I’ll be trying it out in a bit.

It looks very impressive.

Thanks :stuck_out_tongue:


Thank you <3

good job.

awsome work,definetly gonna use this.

Thanks You ive been waitting for this

I just got a boner. Thank you for your hard work.


Thanks :thumbsup: