(Request) Black ops 1

Hi, we already have BLOPS 1 and 2, might as well finish it off with #1

Plus, I have a few people who asked if a blops 1 trainer was in development.

All the same things as the blops 2 trainer would be nice.

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Don’t own the game but Good Idea

I think it would be very nice, although a multiplayer version needs to be duplicated, due to the fact that there are 2 programs Blops - blops multilplayer
This would be the best for zombies,
God, infinity money,

Still very cool idea!!

No, because they don’t make trainers specifically designed for online multiplayer.

Theres 2 programs my friend not 1
A multiplayer version of the game
And a zombies / campaign version of the game
Idk if you ever played it

I haven’t played it on pc, no. (I have on xbox 360 and ps3 though.) But that doesn’t change the fact that the wemod owner/staff/programmers/developers doesn’t support online multiplayer modding/cheating. I don’t see how it would be worth making another trainer just for the offline bot mode (and that would be used for online multiplayer cheating anyway).

Zombies only which doesnt ruin anything

still because it can be played online they dont really support it, sometimes it works but thats because of the game, not because they want to mod online

Online doesnt work, as in know uses different system as private lobbies which i play in

that still counts as Online for them, It won’t happen

@unknown_v2 said he will make one.

As far as zombies mode go, trainer MAY work and that has happened with other black ops games but some people end up getting banned. Blame the game devs for not making it an offline experience or giving you an option to do so. So we don’t support it and you use it at your own risk.

I dont go online if i do ill download a mod for it but thats not my intention so anyway a trainer would be nice thanks already

Tool has been released.

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