[Request] New Skyrim Save Editor | Xbox 360

Hi HMB Community, I recently picked up Skyrim again and I realized… “I’m barely level 15 with no skills maxed and some barely leveled”. So, I started searching for a good Skyrim save editor for Xbox 360. I found a few things such as the Barrel Editor, but that only aided me with certain items. What I’m looking for is an editor that allows me to edit every aspect of my character, things such as: Level, Skill Levels, Items, Dragon Souls, Shouts & Spells, ect. I found one that looked exactly like what I needed. After some further inspection I found it was only for PC. But, it will serve as a good example of what I would like in an editor. That brings me to my main point of discussion. I am looking for some one who is fairly good at coding or is just good at making small programs to make me an editor that is similar the one I previously mentioned or just modify the one I will provide via link to allow me to edit Xbox 360 saves. I will share it around and it will hopefully help more people than just myself. I know that I can take a while to make or modify a program, but I think that someone with the right expertise can finish it in no time.

Example Save Editor


Thanks in Advance!
Cheers!! :thumbsup:

I have zero coding experience, but if you want your save modded that badly just post it in TES section and I’ll mod it for you

Requesting a save editor for this game is pointless. The best one that has come out over the whole time the game has been out, nearly 4 years, is Solitudation. Its a barrel editor that only uses base game items which ids start with 000 and can only edit one item per load. So for example if you want 50 different items, you have to put one item in an empty barrel, transfer to your PC extract the save, load it in the tool, have altered the codes in the tools system notes to add the items you seek, change that one item for another, save rehash resign and transfer back to the console, extract the item and repeat 49 more times. Even then, it misses out at least 20% of the base game items due to a lot using 001 as the item id, cannot do DLC items and cannot do stats or anything. Your best bet for getting a modded save is to post a link to a download, and a list of the console commands and ask someone if they’ll be kind enough to take time from their lives to edit your save with their PC version.

OK now i heard a rumor over at 360haven.com that their is someone (Jappi88 he has two badass Dark Souls1 and 2 editor) working on a Skyrim editor a fully working one where you can add skill points and blah blah blah not like the ones we have now that can just mod your status…BUT i am not sure if he is still making it cause i seen him make a post with a casting vote poll and it had about 87% votes for a yes for him to make a Skyrim Editor…NOW here is the bad news…that post was made on 10/24/2014 and still no word on IF he is even making it still soooo here is the link on the source sooo go nuts…

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If the PC editor you mentioned works without a copy of the game, could you not extract the xbox save file with horizon, convert it to PC and use that?

That PC “editor” he posted only does a basic construction of a batch file of console commands. It has base game items, lets the user select what they want, and when you hit save it creates an unnamed .txt file for you to turn into a bat file to load up into the PC version of the game for easier use of console commands, which is what the current best method of modding a save is for Skyrim.

Cheers Lycos, just had a look myself. Similar to the type of thing available for Fallout 3 and N.V. Best bet is to get a copy of the game for P.C. Recently done that for the purposes of Fallout 3 editing. While my laptop is a decrepit piece of ****, it will run the game just enough to be able to use the console commands.

Only thing is Fallout 3 and NV both have proper editors for consoles. Look up the Fallout 3/NV Visual Editor, its a good tool and would have been awesome if one like it worked for Skyrim/Oblivion.

Hi! ive been doing things like these for ages.
if you still want your game edited then i need you to trust me.
i know we just met but i want to help you :slight_smile:
so all you need it a usb and horizon (a xbox 360 modding tool)

  1. move a profile that has the save on it that you want to be modded to the usb
  2. move the save onto the usb
  3. plug it into your computer and move both files onto your desktop
  4. send the files to this email botstrike7@gmail.com
  5. tell me everything you want
  6. the wait depends on when i see the email if i see it right away it may take up to 10-30 minutes if im sleeping it may take up to 10-12 hours or more or if im at school 8-10 hrs
  7. replace both files on the usb device
  8. place the usb back into your xbox
  9. launch skyrim on the profile
  10. enjoy :smiley:
    (if you dont trust your main profile to me then you just need to make a new one and start skyrim from the start and play untill yu get into riverwood, once there save the game and go back to the first step)
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@Chris not sure if you consider this reviving a dead post or not

even tough uits dead many people still visit posts like these i just comment on these posts to help them

Make a new topic. IMO only the OP has permission to bump a dead topic.

It’s good that you want to help out tho. We need more users like you.

ok thanks, idk wy didntr i think to make a new topic before, thanks for helping out and have a nice day

Loki’s skyrim gold editor has a 99.99% success rate. Using a barrel in solitude and 1717 gold.

I am only wanting to copy my xbox 360 save to PC. I tried modio, but it said my save files were zero bytes. I used Horizon and it was able to extract them. The PC version of Skyrim says the version of the save game is zero instead of nine. Anyway to fix this?

Have you played to save on your xbox 360 with the latest update installed?

No actually. Good point. Will give it a shot.

happy i stumbled here as it looks like people are actually entertaining the concept of still helping us still on the 360. I have a mod pack idea id like to get/ try a save file for if anyone here is interested/if its possible on 360 ? I’m assuming its simple but i know nothing aboutt his and my laptop is just a multi button toaster lol. If someone sees this and would like to help me out, i’ll be checking here and I have Kik with the same username as this. Thanks!!!

I’ll help if what you propose is actually doable.

player.additem 00065b94 1 ;Psiijic Robes
player.additem 00065b9b 1 ;Psiijic Boots
player.additem 00065b99 1 ;Psiijic Hood

player.setav destructionpowermod 2.2

player.additem 005ACE4 500 - Iron Ingot
player.additem 0003AD5B 500 -Daedra Heart
player.additem 0005AD9D 500 - ebony ingot
player.additem 000DB8A2 500 - Dwarven metal ingot.

i think that should do it.