Request Resident evil Revelations 2 mod cheats

Hi,Community.Umm…I would like to request the Resident evil Revelations 2 mod cheats.Can you add the cheats please?

Sure, i’ll do this one first seeing as there is a sale going on steam

Thanks.When can I get it?

So how is the trainer?Did you get it working?If you got the trainer or mod or I don’t know what’s it called,be sure to send me a link to access the trainer or tell me that you got the trainer working alright?I’ll be waiting.

Wow, you are really impatient. You do realize making a trainer from scratch takes some time and that i have a ton of other things to do as well. Yes, i’ll let you know when its done. In fact, just download infinity and the trainer will show up when it is completed.

The game is downloading by the way.

one thing to look at when it come to when things are getting done it look at this post by @STN

Thank you very much.Again I’ll keep waiting until you got it.I didn’t mean to rush or anything.Just keep doing what you’re doing and let me know when the trainer’s fininshed.

@migs2000 Trainer is done.