Resident Evil 3 Cheats and Trainer for Steam

Where did you buy the game? It sounds like you may be using a pirated copy of the game which is not supported.

Still get one hit kill by Nemisis in the final stage even with unlimited health on.

Hey guy who made this trainer. Make God mode / Invulnerability. Still die with infinite health if the damage is 100 percent like final boss. Also where is reset save count.

I’m in the exact same boat as you, I’m trying to finish the game on Inferno mode, and the amount of times I got jumped by Lickers, became instant death, same with Final Nemesis. Love the work you guys do, looking forward to the next update.

unlimited health doesn’t work for me

Hello, after playing RE 2 i decided to also play RE 3 and i noticed that this game have a shop that sells interesting items for a currency that you earn by playing the game so i was wondering how come and no one thought of adding a mod for infinite shop points or something similar ??

hello MrAntifun I have a problem please help me, in inferno mode, just after last boss nemesis, we have to kill in one shoot nicholai on a roof, but in inferno it is blocked with the mods and we can’t shoot on him, so we die!! can you fix that please, it will be so great!!!

impossible in inferno to shoot on nicholai on the roof for the last scene in the game, we die automtically !!im block, please fix it thanks

Could you guys maybe add a “Reset save count” like in the re4 remake that just came out. I’m achivement hunting and trying to get S rank on inferno, but i just lost 2 hours of gameplay because i got oneshot.