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Rise of the Tomb Raider Cheats and Trainer for Steam


Yes, I have no crashing or freezes. I am playing with directx11 and all cheats are working.


One problem that I encountered when using this trainer was while or after you activate |Unlimited Ammo or Unlimited Resources| (I’m not sure which) and everything is given the level of 999 forever, opening any storage box will freeze the game.

What Happens
It doesn’t freeze the game like freeze the program itself but the MC Lara gets stuck opening the box but the game works perfectly on you and you can even pause, open inventory, and use your spider senses thing, but Lara is unmovable. You are then forced to restart from a checkpoint which can be annoying in its own right but the real problem is it completely blocks you from getting several important items from those storage boxes used in the late game. Also unfortunate is that once activated everything is locked at 999 forever even when running the game normally, not going up or down so it is impossible to undo besides for loading a save that did not have the trainer activated and replaying the game.

Why it Happens
I have two main theories as to why this happens, one is that one of the Unlimited cheats includes an item ID of one of the items received from a storage box and that confuses the game as then it doesn’t know what to give you. my second theory is that it has something to do with the fact that everything is set to 999, I don’t know why or how this would be though.

It is possible to undo to damage done but it took me some time, I used a cheat table I had made a while ago that contain all inventory item id’s and one by one brought all their levels back down to under there individual max limits. Then I was able to safely open storage boxes, even when I froze all inventory values and had unlimited resources and ammo. Hopefully, this can be a quick fix, sorry for such a long post!!


@famham that’s unusual I have played the game like twice and never had that happen to me and reading the other posts I don’t think any one else has had that problem not sure what the heck is happening


Rarely happened to me but the fix is to not keep the resource cheat enabled. And your resources go down if you don’t have the cheat active all the time. Glad you found a fix though lol


Trainer is not working through Infinity for the Steam Version of Rise of the Tomb Raider v1.0 Build 770.0_64


Yepp it works for version 1.0.770.1 try start the game first then back out to desktop then start infinity


Unlimited skill points and unlimited resources not working for me :slightly_frowning_face:


What is your game version and source?


Game is updated to the last version (I don’t know how to see the specific build number) and WeMod Tool is v3.0.34.
Resources mod only gives me leather and other 2/3 resources while the others remain at their normal value. Skill points mod simply doesn’t work.
(Sorry for my bad english :grin:)


You need to have at least one of the resource type for the cheat to take effect.


Oh ok I understand. The same for skill points I suppose, am I right?


Game opens fine, savefile loads fine, upon toggling any of the cheats the game immediately crashes to desktop :frowning:


What is your game source and version?


how do i figure those out?


Where did you get the game from ? Cracked , steam , store ?




Now version is ex. C/steam/ common/ rise of tomb then click exe. Right click on properties it will say the version
Should be version 1.0.0770.1
C/ or whatever your folder is




piece of ■■■■ crashes the game anytime you try and activate anything


Maybe for you but works perfectly fine for me
Must be doing something wrong