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Rise of the Tomb Raider Cheats and Trainer for Steam


@ericpwn What is your game source and version? I am sorry to hear it crashes but it’s not trainer or infinity’s fault.


steam, happens with other games as well, works fine for a day then constantly crashes every time you try to activate, redownloaded, ran as admin, nothing changes


Ever try your antivirus they are funny sometimes one day it will let it work next it won’t or even firewall too


Hello sir @STN just wanna ask you how to fix the error message on infinity it says “Wrong DLL Present”


I have no idea. Seems to only happen to some people. I suggest disabling your antivirus, maybe that will help.


Salutations @STN
Just wanted to give a heads up, I was able to run the Mods for ROTTR (steam) yesterday with no problem. Sadly today when I go to run them, my game continues to crash. I can run the game fine without mods, but as soon as I turn the mods on the game continues to crash.
Thanks for all the hard work, like I said just wanted to let you know that this was my current experience.


@STN I have the same problem as Habibah, the game is from steam with the lastest version, as soon as I use the infinity on the game it just crashes


Well after i tried it again mine dont freeze but nothing works , i did infinte ammo , no reload , infinite health dont work !


I’m on 1.0.767.2, and Infinite health gives godmode to the whole game, Laura and the npc’s, Holla back with the solution, as always Thanks in advance, 1


I am aware of the update. Just have been busy with real life stuff and haven’t had time to work much


Thought it was just me being dumb, glad to hear that it’s just a mismatch of the trainer and the game update. Take your time STN holidays are about family and loved ones.


Thank you for understanding. I wish more people were like you! <3


On latest update steam version unlimited sp isn’t working for me i assume there’s a specific thing that needs to happen for it to work but same things as other games aren’t doing it? any Ideas?


Yes. Read comments above , needs an update


cheats refuse to load in, says it fails etc, tried everything.


Whenever I activate any cheat in the latest steam version (1.0.813.4) the game plain crashes.


Need to read the comments thats why they are here. Trainer needs an update


there is something wrong with unlimited health cheat when i m going to enable cheat of unlimited health with my unlimited health also enemy got unlimited health plz fix that bug


unlimited health still crashing the game, other cheats don’t do anything…


Ya. Trainer hasnt bin updated yet. @STN