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Rise of the Tomb Raider Cheats and Trainer for Steam


leave the dx12 box unchecked


hey STN a new problem with the rise of the tomb raider trainer came up, anytime I try to activate the cheats it just says failed to download cheats and at first I thought it something with my internet since infinity said that may be a cause but after I tried restarting my internet it was still doing that so I loaded up another game with infinity and the cheats worked just fine.


Disable your antivirus and add infinity to its exception list.


just tried that it did not work.


Yes it does work i have been playing this for last couple days
Disable your antivirus and add infinity to the exception list


If you have a crappy antivirus how is it my fault? Trainer works for hundreds of people but if it doesn’t for you, STN trainer doesn’t work whatsoever.

What logic :neutral_face:


Hey, @STN I’m not sure if there’s something wrong or how I can fix this. if you could help me, with this that would be great. :slight_smile:


Run DX11 version of the game


How do I do that just go into the games dir or ?


Should be an option in game launcher window


Yeah, Directx12 is greyed out for me. So when I run the game it defaults to directx11, I think. I believe I’m in the same shoes as @newbie001. xD 614fadf05f83579bb47329a9f2e11ec9


Oh no clue then. @frank ?


Your graphics card probably doesn’t support DX12.


Hiyas, also having an issue. I disabled DX12 and just launch it in normal fullscreen. Nothing special or extra. Once it loads and I start activating the trainer, RotTR stops working and I’m not seeing a specific error come up. I can play just fine without the trainer with the same settings, so I’m not sure what I’m missing. Suggestions appreciated!


Steam version?


I have the 20 Year Celebration steam version. Current build 1.0.813.4, Steam BuildID: 2367657


Ya same version i have and no problems running the trainer.
You have windows 10 ?


I do, yes. And I tend to run steam as admin, and the trainer.


it says Wrong DLL present when i try to use the trainer


My problem is same with @DreadPirateKate