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Rise of the Tomb Raider Cheats and Trainer for Steam


Ya i quit far cry 5 was boring
And it kinda does matter these cheats are made for the steam version of the game
Sometimes they work and sometimes they dont


i used infinity 2-3 years ago, i like it,i don’t remember too many problems.
i know
with this, just no luck, but i don’t cry , they do it for free


It seems like the Unlimited Health cheat is the issue here. If you press the assigned key, the game immediately crashes to the desktop, while Unlimited Ammo works just fine. Any chance this could be looked into?


still not in the list.


Uh, @frank ?


I added the Windows Store version of the game to the database. It can be voted for. Does this trainer support it?


the trainer was already made for the windows version. there were 2 of them. 1 for steam and 1 for windows. stn made one for it. cuz, i was buying games for the windows version. so they got supported.


When I select the windows version. Says no supported trainers available.


Hm, makes me want to install the game again



Pick the on in the latest game version and try it.
AFAIK it works


it always say game not found.

now its not even in the list anymore.

downloading the game again. to see if it fixes it.


I thought it worked for both wndows and steam ? It dont ?
Well i guess it doesn’t if you cant get it to work !


they used to have its own trainer.


@frank stiill don’t know what is going on with Wrong DLL present? :slight_smile: I 'm just curious


I hope @Frank restores the windows trainer for this game.


Don’t know :smiley: Wrong DLL present is still with me :smiley: I tried to reinstall trainer, game and whole windows :smiley: :smiley: But DLL says: NOPE ! xD :smiley:


I am not sure why it happens to some people, never happened to me


STN, do you still happen to have the Windows trainer?


May as well just wait for SHADOW of the tomb raider now , you already own it !!
And good thing you bought it through steam ! Lol