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Rise of the Tomb Raider Cheats and Trainer for Steam


I too get this issue. No error log or anything. Just crashes to desktop.

Edit: Apologies, I missed over the posts about running dx11 instead of 12. That did the trick for me!


Steam Vers 2823194 unlimted skill points seems to do nothing and resources too from what I am finding.


Vote for an update


Well, that is odd. Because I just used it for the past few days and it gives me 99 skill points. As for the resources as soon as I find any one resource, it goes to 999. So I’m not sure why it isn’t working for you.


Ya i have no problems using any of the cheats either.
No need for an update


the only issue that im getting is the unlimited health because everyone even the enemies are invinsible


actually never mind works now think I just activated it to early


Some of the options no longer work.


I just played this like a week ago and had no problems with any of the cheats working


I can’t get the unlimited health to work. It clicks on, and turns it self off again 1 sec after. I tried the jump modifier, which works, but I really need the health cheat. :slight_smile:
I tried using both dx11, and 12.
Can anyone help me get it working?

Cheers. :slight_smile:


Steam version?


Steam client version is from Nov 26 2018
Game version is from Dec 11 2018

It that the info that you were looking for?


Otherwise the game exe (ROTTR.exe) file is version 1.0.820.0, and steam.exe fileversion is
Please advise if this is the worng info.



Seems like game had an update. Do you have an option to vote for an update?


Sure - I just put in three votes. Will that suffice?


no needs more than that


Maybe SAHADOW of the tomb raider. I dont think RISE of the tomb raider had an update
just played couple days ago and mine worked fine


Ah yes Sahadow of the tomb raider. Everyone knows that great game


My installation of Shadow works perfectly fine with wemod, it’s only Rise that’s not working.


Not sure why if its version. 1.0.813.4. Should work. I have that version and works ok