Saints Row Cheats and Trainer for Epic Games

Think you can update the trainer to add Instant Finisher Cooldown?

For me, Ive noticed the massive damage cheat gives it to the enemies as well and friends die in one hit. Sometimes they die getting out of a car. I turn it off to get through certain missions.

can we get an unl wingsut boost or unl finisher? thatd be dope

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The Saints Row cheats have been updated!


  • Rapid Fire cheat added
  • No Recoil cheat added
  • Duplicate Homies cheat added
  • Clear Notoriety cheat added
  • Set Custom Notoriety cheat added
  • [Custom Notoriety] Faction cheat added
  • [Custom Notoriety] Amount cheat added
  • Game Speed cheat added
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You think you could add Ignore Finisher Cooldown?

still doesn’t work with version 1.3 epic version
fails to even notice the game is launched

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