Satisfactory Cheats and Trainer for Steam

Hey mate :slight_smile: just checking you saw this, I understand it’s xmas break so no rush, I merely noticed I never actually tagged you!

We could use an update Fun. Thanks!

Edit: For the experimental build (STEAM).


We need updates


Is there an expected time of when there will be an update to Satisfactory? Easy Craft and Unlimited Supply doesn’t work. The other cheats does work. I can say that I am playing the experimental build.

I’ve been using experimental mode for a bit and it seems that Unlimited Supply and Easy Craft
have not been working on this version.

im having issues with the cheats actually working its not working for me with toggle. it makes the sounds while in game but nothing works please help.

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Only the host can use cheats?

Activating cheats worked for me when I started Satisfactory first and attached WeMod AFTER loading a game. Only than I am able to activate cheats.

But I have a problem that was mentioned some time ago: After activating Unlimited Health, I cannot become mortal again. Not with disabling the cheat, not with rebooting my PC, activating and disabling the cheat again or playing without WeMod at all.

Anyone succeeded in reverting immortability?

Hi, working fine for me. What version of Satisf. are you using?

Current earlyaccess version from steam.
I found something new out after posting.

When jumping off the map into the bottomless void, it takes rather long to “die” as a immortal.
But after some seconds it seems to trigger a timeout and forcing a respawn.
After respawning, the game works with my health bar as it should.

So if anyone else has this problem: Just jump off

Infinite Health cheat is currently bugged, it does give infinite health but also affects enemies. Playing on Early Access CL#186638

needs update does not work


Only 1 hit kill seems to be working, please can it be updated when given the chance :slight_smile:

Thank you for your work with this. I enjoy the game a lot more with the mods. The latest version that stopped working is in the experimental branch. Coffee Stain says it’s going to be in experimental for longer than in the past. Update 6 might not hit early access until after summer so a lot of folks will be playing in experimental for a while. If you can, could you please check it out? Thank you.

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The first 4 cheats don’t work.


For those having issues with the Update 6, which is only available in experimental, I’m afraid the trainer is only intended for the stable release version of the game.

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please add a infinite power cheat


However, when the 6.0 update becomes official, the trainer will no longer work at all! :disappointed:

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That’s unfortunately the way things work, yes. The trainer will need to be updated when the public version of the game is updated.

If you know how to use Steam console commands or how to edit acf files, you can actually trick the game into thinking it already has the latest update. Google for instructions and do that sort of thing at your own risk (ie, make backups of game files first).