Save Cheat Selection per Game

Speaking from own experience: i play games often, and use wemod every time.
I do not activate all the cheats for the game, but a sub section of the available ones.

Each time I start the game i need to go trough the list of cheats to set the ones I want to use.

My suggestion:
An option to be able to save the selection of cheats I have activated/set, and with a simple press of the button I can reactivate them next time I play my game.

Do what I do-

the cheats which i plan to use, I would set them to one key. (IE-F1)

Let’s say there’s ten cheats, but I use four of them. Those four, I would set to F1, and each time I play the game, I only need to press F1 once to activate them all.


Hello! :slight_smile:

Thank you for taking the time to share your suggestion.

This has already been suggested a couple of time before. Please use the search button to seek existing threads to continue the discussion in there, if they exist. It just makes it easier for WeMod’s developers to keep track of rather than having fragmented threads everywhere. :slight_smile:

I like the idea myself. :slight_smile:

I see suggestions for a save cheat profile within this forum yet I don’t see any developer feedback as to when/if it will happen. It’s as if people start the threads and they just fade away unanswered.

I just paid a year for “Pro” and already regretting it. As a PC user playing Far Cry 6 there are several settings that engage. As it is, the easiest way to re-set them up next time is to use a user created list of keyboard shortcuts. Reading setting descriptions and clicking on the corresponding buttons is just not as efficient.

That said, the “Free” WeMod options take less effort and are faster to use than what you get with “Pro”. Maybe “Pro” is the way to go for platform based gamers but I see no advantages for it on PC.

We are currently working on this; however, not all cheats will be able to be saved due to preconditions that have to be met before those can be enabled.

As far as Pro goes, you gain access to the remove and overlay which allows you to toggle the cheats without remembering the hotkeys or exiting the game to look up the hotkey. Pro also gives you access to more customization for a lot of cheats.