SCUM Cheats and Trainer for Steam

this game uses EAC , easy anti cheat, yes even in Singleplayer. So use and get banned unfortunately.

Just got a hot fix. So the mods need another update. Your time and effort on doing these updates is very much appreciated. Cheers!

Stable Temperature not working

In the Folder Steam\steamapps\common\SCUM delete the Folder EasyAntiCheat then start the

Game - Steam\steamapps\common\SCUM\SCUM\Binaries\Win64\SCUM

My Singleplayer Work with this . Is EAC not delete no Trainer work .

The SCUM cheats have been updated!


  • Bug fixes and game compatibility improvements

Unlimited Health doesnt work all the time. After one hour of playing i get radiation and bleeding and the Character dies everytime.

If you come to power stations and you use a protective suit you become also radiation and die.

Potassium iodide doesn’t help on radiation. Its not usable.