Silverfall Earth Awakening Steam Trainer


This is my first suggestion here.

I’ve been wanting to play this game again for a long time now, but there’s one thing missing.

A proper trainer. One that lets us add Money, XP, Ability Points and Unlimited Carry Weight + +

I’ve tried different HEX edits but none of them works.

Other trainers out there can’t be used by Windows 10.

So this is why i suggest adding a trainer for Silverfall Earth Awakening (Steam) to the lineup. :smile:

I was under the impression that i was posting in the right place, since i’ve seen multiple trainer requests posted in suggestions, and not finding it when searching for it, before i made the choice to post one myself.

Silverfall Earth Awakening is very much a Steam game. In fact, it is the only place were you can get a copy of it these days, unless you get lucky with a physical copy.

The system is different now. The earlier ways to request a trainer was through the “Suggestion” tag for Infinity.

But the methood changed, so what you maybe found earlier was old post?
Pretty sure the new once get locked fast and just get redirected to their destination.
Btw idk if you found it but here is where you can vote for your game