Skyrim DRM Free DLC Download | Hearthfire, Dawnguard, Dragonborn

DLC Moved to the link below!-(Bioshock-Infinite)/1433800
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This is real life?

OT: Silly question but, this is for Xbox right?

When did this happen or how did you do it?

yes its for xbox. Skyrim Legendary Edition (like GOTY) was a few days ago or today and disc 2 contains the DLC for the game which is DRM free

That’s awesome! I have purchased all the content previously but, I do appreciate the share.

I love ya. Like I really do. I needed Dawnguard and didnt’t feel like paying for it :stuck_out_tongue:

Wish I would have waited. Could have saved myself $45 hahaha

You should combine the parts and just upload it to Mega, it would be simpler for people to download…just saying.

For one mediafire is just as good. Two, mega might also have a file upload limit meaning you can only upload a file that can be max 200 MB so that’s why people have to upload it in split archives.

Also, just cause this is DRM free why does it make it okay for it to be posted here? People are still buying to DLCs with money so wouldn’t that count as warez? But if cheater says it’s okay then whatever :smirk:

i think its considered okay because it was ripped from the disc maybe? idk lol but he says its fine lol

also mega doesnt have a limit i dont think, but im sure they’ll be more strict about it and take it down sooner which is why i didnt do that. but i might do it later on. ill have another thread of DRM free content and it’ll all be Mega

Thanks for this sweet share, Just saved me $20.

Just borrowed this the other day and I’ve been considering the DLC. Thanks for this

how do we combine the parts?

I’m assuming this is free to use then without any ban in mind? Don’t mind me just a noob asking lol.


put all 3 parts into a folder and extract from part 1 using winrar/7zip

from what i know, i haven never heard of a ban from DRM free dlc. its not linked to anything and im like 99.99% sure microsoft cant tell whats on your hard drive? always a risk but honestly, its slimer than slim to none lol

A true life saver. Well, not really but now I can finish dragonborn.

Risks that i am always willing to take! Thanks for this man! I’ve wanted the DLC for some time & have been a bit on the side of “Hmm should or not?” Lol now i can finally have all three!.

< 3

Part 2 for Dawnguard appears to be corrupt.

let me reupload. i thought it would be but wasnt sure

Edit: here you go

Thanks for this Nephew, Everything works great now. :smiley:

Not sure if it’s just me but twice my game froze during the loading screen. :o