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Skyrim DRM Free DLC Download | Hearthfire, Dawnguard, Dragonborn


never got around to playing it myself yet, but ill move it over to my HDD and check. just took the files from the disc


Yeah i’ve got all three on my HDD now & my game freezes everytime i try to load my save. It goes into the loading screen then freeze after about a minute or two.



OMG THANKKKKKK YOUUU now if my Xbox Craps up i can atleast still have All my skyrim DLC xD


Okay i just removed Hearthfire (was gonna go down the list & see which one was causing it) but on the first try i deleted that one & now my game loads so it might be the hearthfire save. Might wanna look into that.



Actually, I also have it uploaded to Mega (just not trying to steal a topic), and there is no limit on free accounts, the only limit there is, is a 50gb total storage limit.


I knew you were going to go into the DLC once you borrowed the game…


extract from part 1? what does that even mean? wont that just remove only part 1? It wont even let me put them all in a folder because they all have the same name


can you send me a link to it


put all three into a folder (name them differently if thats a problem although the .part1 .part2 was good enough for me), highlight all the parts, right click, extract files. mine created a new folder called dragonborn (the dlc i wanted) and inside was the file (:


Sorry but I’m a noob. where would I put it on horizon and how would I install it in my game?


just make sure you have enough room on your hdd/USB (2gbs will do) and put it in horizon. drag the file to your device explorer and horizon will do the rest


Thanks for sharing with the community!


Thank You very much for this. If only I had waited before I purchased some of the DLC


Why are you complaining?

Thanks for this Aden. You’re a good member, keep it up.


Whelp looks like im getting skyrim again!
Thanks for the share!


Any info on the hearthfire problem? :smile:


It probably just your save because it works fine for me. I just made a new save and it appears to work.


If I knew xboxmb allowed DRM-Free content, I would have already posted my mega-thread full of it.


You should do that.


Thanks for the share. Sucks I already bought all the dlc.