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Skyrim Mod Tool v2.5


Hey I’m new to the whole modding thing and what not. I downloaded the save editor and it opens 7TSP when I open the file. Am I doing something wrong? Where do I go from there? Any help would be great


thanks for the download BRO.


Many thanks for this. Works perfect.

I just go to Riverwood, empty a barrel outside the Riverwood trader and put all my gold in there.

Hope you get a chance to add a Perk Points editor. Apparently level 81 is the maximum level and will not be able to earn enough perk points to open up all the skills. (I’m level 63 at the moment).


Comparing the screenshot in the second post, to the screenshot in the first post, i can tell this editor has gone quite some way. :smile:



so when can we expect an update? dont get me wrong con grads on this one but im sure i speek for a lot of ppl i want to edit more important things in the game ie health, loose perk points maybe even an idem adder


theres a money editro but when is goind to be a perk editor :anguished:


Thank you man! This will make the game fun again. Well for a while. Thanks again :thumbsup:


is easier than hex editing it


thanks for this editor dude im going to use this!


i killed a chicken in winterhold bounty was like 20 and they tried to kill me


I’ve been following this thread for some time and I was wondering if someone could please mod this file to give it 255 perk points?
Thanks a lot in advance!


i know this thread is an ageeee old… but i cant get the link on mediafire to download!? it just refreshes the page:/


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