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Slime Rancher Cheats and Trainer for Steam


So cracked you mean? Have you changed the version you play since last time you used Infinity?


The new trainer update might have broken it for you then. Trainer might work with a newer cracked version.


what do you mean? im using version 1.0.1, isnt that the newest?


1.0.1 is the newest. Though even if you have that version it might not work… cracked games are not officially supported


OK, im downloading from a different source. Hopefully that works. Thx for the help.


Cracked version is a bit different in this game. Steam is 64bit whereas cracked version is 32 bit so yeah it’s not going to work.

If you can find the same version and bit as steam then it should work.


how do you bit as steam?


You can’t bit as steam, bitting is not a thing. Read the first two sentences again.


@Adam_Rulez most cracked (Downloaded .exe from the Internet) is 32bit because they are made for lower end pcs. when you go to download a file check the file specifications/details and see if it says 32bit/32x or if it says 64bit/64x if it says 32 then the trainer will not work


the money cheat doesn’t work for me but all the other cheats work


Steam version?


Here Is What The Slime Keys Looks Like

Unlimited Health. Is Working For Me…
Unlimited Energy. Is Working For Me…
Unlimited Money. Is Working For Me…
Unlimited Slimes. Is Working For Me…

Slime Rancher v1.0.1 Now Available!


I can’t get this mod to work at all on my game. How come?


Not sure are you pushing play in the top corner ?


Get steam version

@RedDemone999 I’ll still need a savegame :smiley:


how can I send you the game save


Just up it to mediafire etc then post the link here or PM me


I send you the link to your PM…


Hey there guy’s! Are you trying to look for your game save for slime Rancher steam Edition? I have a video uploaded right now to show you how to find your game save. please go check it out here’s the link!


The Unlimited Slimes cheat only works sometimes I’m on the most recent version